Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace and Refuse!

"the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone.The way of life can be free and beautiful"

- Charlie Chaplin

 Gather around, gather around.

Welcome to Green Peasant, we are a network of individuals, who are dedicated to finding eco friendly alternatives to industries that are major causes of the current mass extinction and loss of bio-diversity we are faced with today, as mentioned here, here and here. We are searching for solutions, and sharing our discoveries along the way.


The one thing that unites us together on achieving this goal is we are all passionate nature lovers and are on a journey to reduce our carbon footprint. We understand that it is the consumers who will decide the fate of the earth, and so we choose to support and promote the companies and industries that contribute towards the sustainable future we are fighting for.


Green Peasant was first started in the small surfing town of Jeffreys Bay, on the Southern tip of Africa by a small group of friends and family. Our products are sourced from around the globe, and we sell our prducts globally. We work with alot of different companies, craftsman, artisans aswell as manafacturers from all over the world. We are always looking for ways to make our products more eco friendly and work with our suppliers to use environmentally friendly packaging etc. alot of times, this is not succesful, and often times your order wil be shipped by sea, which usually uses oil and diesel and so we are not a perfectly green company but we are growing and evolving and the main thing is that these industries are gaining the much deserved funding they need to help achieve our common goal, which is in the interest of all living.

Are you thinking what we're thinking ?

We are always looking for new partners, if you have a product or service that compliments our journey and you would like us to market it for you through our multiple sales channels and vast social network, or maybe you would like to join our team and help us source products, create content, market, blog, or maybe youve got an idea you want to share with us ? what ever it is dont be shy, talk to us here.

Meet the wolfpack

Keenan Theron

Proud uncle, musician and vegan activist. website developer

Full time dedication to maintaining

Ruan Jonker

Comedian and entertainer,

Manages our amazon and ebay store

Kyla Pienaar

Multi-tasker, animal lover

aspiring Vegan.

handles fulfillment, customer service and logistics

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JP Theron,

Marianna Rizzu

Hanna Rizzu Theron

Got married in Jamaica, avocado extremists. Created and maintain our Kids section.